Copperfest - Gwyl Gopr Amlwch 28-30 Awst/Aug 2015!

Fleur de Lys

Anglesey’s Fleur De Lys say that their philosophy is to make “Saturday night every night of the week”. Not in the sense of hedonistic stumbling around a heaving nightclub, but in the sense that their music has a real sense of freedom, possibilities and joy to it, in the spirit of the best rock ’n’ roll.

They’re unashamedly indie rock, wielding guitars with a fresh abandon that might curdle the sensibilities of a hipster know-it-all, and god bless them for that. Fleur De Lys understand, intuitively, that the musical joy that resonates most is the joy that comes with a great tune and a riff like superglue.

They’re the freshest faces in a line of thoroughly excellent indie guitar bands from Wales, including Swnami and Yr Eira. In international currency, Fleur De Lys have some of the abandon of the Maccabees and The Mystery Jets about them. And international currency is certainly something it would be wise for them to take into account.

‘Young Welsh language band who clutch melodies to their heart like a football fan would a Panini World Cup sticker album’