Copperfest - Gwyl Gopr Amlwch 28-30 Awst/Aug 2015!


Elin Fflur back again

We are very pleased to announce that well known singer and TV presenter Elin Fflur is joining us at Copperfest again this year. She will be performing all her best known songs as well as appearing with her brother Ioan as Carlotta reform for one night.

Yr Ods

We are pleased to announce that Yr Ods have found time in their busy schedule during the launch of their new album to appear at this year’s Copperfest. Along with Celt, Elin Fflur, Carlotta, and Y Reu, they will play on Sunday night 25 August 2013

Glastonbury, Camden Crawl, Radio 1’s Big Weekend and every festival worth mentioning in Wales – Yr Ods tick all the boxes. With their new album ‘Llithro’ launched this week, Yr Ods cement their position as one of the most popular bands in Wales.

Carlotta reforming

We are excited to announce that Carlotta, are to reform to perform at this year’s Copperfest. Carlotta, featuring Elin Fflur and her brother Ioan Llywelyn, were prolific on the welsh rock scene before breaking up, but not before recording their CD entitled ‘Cyffur Cariad’. They are rehersing following a break of 10 years, and we are sure this will be one set not to be missed.

Bad Dog local boys done good

We are very pleased that bad Dog have agreed to headline Saturday night. Following last years rocking performance we have been inundated with requests to get them back. You can’t get any more local than this band as Martin, the lead singer’s front room, overlooks the Copperfest stage. Bad Dog will ensure that the Saturday night ends with a bang!

Silk Cut Blues cross the Irish Sea

We are pleased to announce that Silk Cut Blues are travelling over from Ireland to join us at the festival.

Silk Cut Blues are an acoustic cover-band from the midlands in Ireland. The band was formed in June 2011 and made use of a full electrical setup but decided to scrap the electric guitar, bass and drums in 2012 in order to put the focus on the voice. Going back to basics has worked very well for the band; the Cajon has caused much fascination among spectators whilst the acoustic guitar elegantly compliments the powerful voice that Grainne possesses. A Silk Cut Blues gig is the perfect way to relax and enjoy your drink while appreciating the simple things music has to offer.

#band6 livin’ the rock n roll dream

We are pleased to announce that #band6 have been added to the line up and will play on Saturday 24th August 2013. We are looking forward to another high octane set from “the most promising band to come out of North Wales in the last quarter of an hour. 6 members enjoy playing old favourites and living the Rock ‘n’ Roll dream”


Copperfest powered by Celtic Array

Celtic Array is proposing to develop an offshore wind farm, called Rhiannon Wind Farm, in the Irish Sea Zone. At its closest point, Rhiannon would be located approximately 19km from Anglesey, 34km from the Isle of Man and 60km from the Cumbrian coast.

It is the first project proposed in the Irish Sea Zone and could have an installed capacity of up to 2.2GW, which we estimate could be enough to power about 1.7 million homes.

Look out for their information displays throughout the weekend, and please go and speak to them.

Fun Family Afternoon – Prynhawn o hwyl i’r teulu

Come on over for a fun family afternoon at the Amlwch Copperfest.

Menter Iaith Môn has joined forces with the Copperfest crew to create an afternoon of entertainment especially for children and families. Lots of famous characters will be there to say hello, including Selog, the friendly yellow dragon from Anglesey, Sali Mali, Peppa Pinc, story and singing session, a show called ‘Helpa Fi Wneud Rimbojam’ and a chance to sing your little socks off with Edward (Morus Jones) and his guitar. Hopefully it’ll be an afternoon to remember. Activities will start on Sunday, 25th of August between 12pm and 2pm. Come on and join the fun!

Dewch draw i Ŵyl Gopr Amlwch am brynhawn o hwyl i’r teulu

Selog y ddraig fach felen hoffus Sesiwn stori a chân Sali Mali Peppa Pinc Sioe ‘Helpa Fi Wneud Rimbojam’ Edward (Morus Jones) a’i gitâr yn cyflwyno ‘Cwn Rhyd y Rhosyn

Dydd Sul, 25 Awst 12pm-2pm yng Ngŵyl Gopr Amlwch

Dewch yn llu!